Monday, January 14, 2013


Some people think of a word to follow for the rest of the year. I am just hoping I can keep all my projects documented on here in a timely fashion.

I did set some goals in quilting for myself this year.  They are in no particular order of how they will be done.

Single Girl Quilt
Dresden Plate Quilt
Designer Mystery Block of the Month Avalon
Starburst Quilt Along
Single Irish Chain Quilt
Wedding Ring Quilt
Log Cabin
Cat Charm pack quilt
Color Stripe Quilt
We shall see how it goes. Also I dont make goals for any of my knitting, they just occur to me to do and I do.
Currently on my needles I have:
Jimmy Beans Downtown Abby Mystery KAL
Cladoniaby Kirsten Kapur
Flintby Samantha Roshak
I have some fiber that I have been spinning for a year now, thats a combo of silk and merino. I should get to that soon, as I dont have much left to do before I can ply it. It shall be a shawl that I have had in mind since I got the fiber.

I currently have nothing on the Cricket loom, but thats ok. I have enough going on.

I will try to keep some updates on here but truthfully I would rather quilt, knit, spin or weave in my spare time.

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