Sunday, February 24, 2013

Starburst Done....

Here she is in all her glory. It took me a week to quilt all the straight lines, but I was so happy looking and touching the faric while doing it, it was worth it.

I decided to sort of mimic the plaid in the binding I choose. I just used several different sizes of blue tape to help keep the lines straight.

She is 76" x 76" and will be perfect for cuddeling on the couch.I am going to go throw it in the wash to get all the crinkly going.

The back was fun to make. I had originally wanted to use gray for the front, but I didnt have enough yardage. I eventually decided to make one of the large starbursts for the back and then use up some of the extra fabric and some yardage to make it the right size.


Thursday, February 21, 2013


I am still plugging away at the quilting on my Starburst Quilt. I accidentaly doodled the quilting design on my pad of paper one night and the lighbulb went off. I decided to not do it on the long arm but rather at my regular machine. Yes it takes much longer, but I am constantly smiling when I look at the fabrics in this quilt and that makes it worth all the extra time. 

I am not going to show the quilt till I am done. I should have the quilting done this weekend but I will still have the binding to do.  It will be several more weeks for that as we leave on  Wed. evening to go to Arizona to look at real estate.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Top Done....

Well the top is done. I am still working on my backing and putting it together. Not enough hours in the evenings after work and dinner to get much accomplished. Its the only time I take for knitting these days.

I keep opening the picture of the completed top at work, and trying to figure out how I want to quilt it. Part of me says just throw it on the LongArm and get it over with, and the other says do it on the regular machine and spend time with it, as this quilt will be all mine.  Once I can decide on what exactly its telling me quilt on it, I will figure out which machine to use.

Friday, February 8, 2013


Got some sewing time in. We spent last weekend flying at the last minute to Tampa Fl. to look at Real Estate. While we did find a house we were interested in, we ultimately decided it is too far away to buy a "sometimes we may get there" house for the time being. We are not ready to pack it all up and move from here in the PNW and our dream house, to another house. We want something that we can vacation at or go for a quick weekend.

We are now going to go look at real estate in the Phoenix area and see what its like, I have never been there. Next month we will go for a weekend trip. its only a two hour flight for us and may be better.  (Besides I am all about living somewhere warm and Phoenix I hear has that in spades)

So I got two of my blocks done and plan to finish the rest this weekend.  My points are far from perfect but I have decided to live with them. They aren't going to be noticed by anyone in my house but me.